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Brilliant game and easily the best one for mobile that came out of the phaser 2020 jam!

I liked it, ran quite slow on my macbook and this game could really use the NG medal system

whackitgames responds:

We are moving to Unity soon, so the games will function far smoother in terms of performance and animation. We will consider implementing a NG medal system then. Thanks for playing.

Great game! Would be 5 stars if it had medals!

I’ve said this many times before but if your game has a high school table why not integrate Newgrounds high schools into it? Why not add medals?

Without that there’s no real reason to play this.

Needs a lot more polish, if I make too many invalid moves it grows the width of the entire canvas and let’s me move the screen, also needs better feedback on if I clicked and if it was a valid move or not, no idea why so many of my moves are invalid. Some audio and visual feedback is a must.

AppleShade responds:

Thanks for your feedback! The canvas width issue should no longer be a problem. I hope the visual feedback of the valid moves lighting up in orange, is a good enough indicator. I personally think that adding any more hints would make this into a hand-holding annoyance.

It’s very well put together! Works great on my phone, took a while to notice I needed to match number and the count down is a little hard to follow.

Kirill-Live responds:

thanks. I'll try to think of something with it.

Game is broken due to the fact it loads files from a non-HTTPS domain which now gets autoblocked by most modern browsers.

Same thing I will say here with the other games. Put in a new grounds high score board. Give us something to aim for.

The game quietly crashed The first time I played and had to restart, when the game finally loaded, the first time I taped I got taken to another game portal.

The game looks good and plays ok on mobile but has no point, it has a points system but no newgrounds scoreboard so no reason to try and get a high score.

I think there was a missed opportunity to use Newgrounds high score tables for this game. What’s the point of a high score if there is no one to share or challenge?

I'm back baby.

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