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Hi Yandere bot! I have donated 85,643.63 BTC towards development. I joined your awesome and not at all dictatorial discord, but I got banned 0.0061 seconds after posting a picture of you.

Is this normal? Should I donate more?

Thanks for the great game! Who said you need to know more then if else statements?

renaissancekid responds:

Hello! And thank you for your donation! It always go to helping the development of the game. I will be always vigilant and hard at work but coding is very difficult so I'll just play video games most of the time. As for your banning, If you donate to my twitch account and pay to get back in my server, Im SURE you will come back to praise my absolutely wonderful game. Additionally, you will get an apology personally from me Yandere bot. The greatest programmer of all times!

Once again thank you for your contribution!

The best rebuttal to most conspiracy theories is;

"....but why?"

Wait what are these long-term investments? How did he retire in his 30s? I need answers!!!!!

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Pffft “simulator”

If this was a true sim it would let me drop a phat one in a urinal and blame it on the disabled student.

Brilliant game and easily the best one for mobile that came out of the phaser 2020 jam!

I liked it, ran quite slow on my macbook and this game could really use the NG medal system

whackitgames responds:

We are moving to Unity soon, so the games will function far smoother in terms of performance and animation. We will consider implementing a NG medal system then. Thanks for playing.

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Good idea not selling out, capitol records and the likes are only still in business because of royalties they hold in perpetuity since the 1960s. They are now focused on owning as much digital music they can in order to demand platform holders to pay automated royalties. They will not defend you when your music gets taken or copied, they will piss off YouTubers and other content creators by harassing them when they upload a fair use video of your game.

Don’t give them the time of day. You guys hold more power than the record companies can even imagine.

Love this interview. Really inspirational listing to Richard talk about doing what he loves.

Thanks so much @willKMR for having me on! Listening back to it I want to emphasize how good of an interviewer Will truly is to wrangle my ramblings into a coherent interview and @ninjamuffin99 for making my garbage audio and loud background noises into a pleasant episode to listen too. A true gem of a podcast and can't wait for many many more episodes to come!


Will responds:

Thanks James! You were a great guest!

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Love it, really sharp and.. juicy?

Will responds:

Thanks Simo, honestly I totally get it yeah

Reminds me of the dumb shit I used to draw on mspaint in the computer lab.

Good job.

(Also never apologize or kowtow for making fun of satirizing something, comedy is designed to push boundaries, not conform to them)

iiSilvertanK responds:


I'm back baby.

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