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Hi Yandere bot! I have donated 85,643.63 BTC towards development. I joined your awesome and not at all dictatorial discord, but I got banned 0.0061 seconds after posting a picture of you.

Is this normal? Should I donate more?

Thanks for the great game! Who said you need to know more then if else statements?

renaissancekid responds:

Hello! And thank you for your donation! It always go to helping the development of the game. I will be always vigilant and hard at work but coding is very difficult so I'll just play video games most of the time. As for your banning, If you donate to my twitch account and pay to get back in my server, Im SURE you will come back to praise my absolutely wonderful game. Additionally, you will get an apology personally from me Yandere bot. The greatest programmer of all times!

Once again thank you for your contribution!

The best rebuttal to most conspiracy theories is;

"....but why?"

Wait what are these long-term investments? How did he retire in his 30s? I need answers!!!!!

5 stared so hard I broke my screen.


I Pissed my self laughing!!!! Great script from your friend and exelent animation and sound!

Very Un-Polished

I like the Ideas and bases of the story but the animation is sooo poor. The logo and images were very poorly made and the whole thing just looks like it was rushed and not even checked before you published it.

Work Harder on your work in the future and get better with verctorized graphics like Photoshop.

Tripping Balls

The Camera man needs to be shot. It gave me a sezuire. THe video and acting were good but a little offtopic and gave me a head ache. Wont Blam it due to the shear effort put in but it was a little tacky.

Truly Talented

It's Rare that I actually review a flash because that involves effort, but this one has captivated me! I mean the animation was superb, the modelling was flawless and there was so much action! I also enjoyed the sounds and music (pendulum slam?! How did you know that was my favourite song?)
Also the voice acting was good how ever there wasn't allot of it, but who need talking when you got a city to race in!

This is Defo a 5 and a 10/10

Keep up the good work!


I do like anything making fun of gassguzing sheep killing mobiles! but it realy needs sound and i saw the "hit you" punchline thin, but still remeber kids. SUVs are made BY terrorists.

Thank you

Thank you for the seizer... 5/5!!!!1!>:D

I'm back baby.

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